Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Welcome to "Why Stop Harper!". This website will focus on the more than 100 reasons that Canadian voters should not support Stephen Harper's Conservative Party in the next election.

COMING SOON: Updated version with Parliament's finding of the Harper Cons in contempt. 
Note: This is a work in progress. We are still doing some fact checking and revisions.


  1. Love the blog. It's nice to have one place to see all the corruption, etc. spelled out in such a consise manner. Kudos to you for all your great work, Anne!



  2. This information needs to get out to people who don't come to this website. My guess is that many of those who come to this blogspot already are opposed to the Harper regime.

  3. We just got it up and running last night. Can you help? Any suggestions?

  4. Have you seen the "Harper Watch" Facebook page? It was set up as a place to collect Harper atrocities. I think a blog is a much better forum because you can organize.. We were wondering how to do that on FB. This is a nice little blog. :)

  5. You are missing the Absolute disregard the Conservative government has for Aboriginal people. Tom Flanagan, his former advisor on Aboriginal people is a joke amongst Indigenous Researchers (see: First Nations? Second Thoughts.) They have done NOTHING about the Kelowna Accord, the increased funding for First Nations policing in the new budget is only replacing what he cut in the last budget and there has been no action from Ottawa on the issues of Missing Native Women, Clean Water, Aboriginal Sovereignty and Self Governance (which was recognized and affirmed in Section 35(1) of the Canada Constitution Act and recognized in the House in 1996) I could go on and on.

  6. Not including the research, writing and formatting, it took about two hours to get this up and running. All you need is a google account.

    There are undoubtedly lots of missing reasons and this blog is meant as a place for people identify them. We just ask that you read (or use search) to see if your issue has been covered.

  7. What’s the problem with Harper you ask?

    good repost: I am a conservative. This is why I deeply resent (Steve Harper’s) neo-conservatives who are not conservatives at all. They are the opposite: radicals who are destroying cherished institutions and wreaking havoc on our human heritage as well as our natural heritage.!/note.php?note_id=182173158479282

    Steve Harper’s Broken Promises

    Top five reasons why Prime Minister Steve Harper can't be trusted!/topic.php?uid=292671928599&topic=16050

    Go to point 59:58 in video.


    CTV: Canada’s Top Ten Stories of 2010

    Part 1 – skip this one if pressed for time More

    Part 2 - G20, UN Security Council seat loss

    Part 3 - Human smuggling, long-form census, and the long-gun registry

    Part 4 - Afghanistan

    Part 5 - Prorogation

    * note all videos will automatically skip to next one after short ad

  8. I don't like your last name.

  9. You say "Not including the research, writing and formatting, it took about two hours to get this up and running." But wow, what a lot of time and effort those first three items must have taken. Well done. I'd love to see it all printed out and hung in a long vertical banner dangling over every Main Street.

  10. When is Harper going to ask Mulroney for our $2 million back?

  11. Gerald Caplan wrote on Bill C-393 mentioned in your Reasons: "Stephen Harper ended Parliament in typical style. He had the trained seals he’s appointed to the unelected Senate (a body he doesn’t believe in) sabotage the clear will of the democratically elected House of Commons with consequences that will cost the lives of “thousands, maybe millions, of poor people” in Africa and elsewhere. The words are those of an outraged James Orbinski, a renowned doctor and Canadian expert in international health. The issue is Bill C-393, passed by a large majority in the House to provide inexpensive Canadian-made generic drugs for people in poor countries dying of easily treatable diseases such as AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. The role of the Conservative majority in the Senate was to deliberately stall passage of the bill ensuring it died once the election was called. The instructions came from the Supreme Puppetmaster, Stephen Harper, speaking through one of his most reliable dummies, Industry Minister Tony Clement."

  12. you have an idea, it is just misdirected...
    This should be a "START HARPER" campaign

  13. Steven Harper will destroy Canada!
    He will bring U.S.A. "Killer Attitude" type justice, dictate undemocratic ways,(ie: He will become a Dictator, therefore destroying democracy in our Free Country!!

  14. It would be nice if you listed all the promises and wasted money the liberals spent btw; where are they now?. Our country is envied throughout the world especial through this economic crisis. It would be nice if you could suggest alternatives instead of criticism. It is so easy to complain but there are never any solutions offered....

  15. Stephen Harper belongs to a rather toxic Christian fundamentalist organization.

    I cannot understand why there isn't more made of this.

  16. Harper wants us to just shut up, pay our taxes, go to work, not question his authority, bow down to the Queen and Israel, and submit to the United Nations' global governance... invest in the neverending business of war $25Billion on a warships contract wtf?) ... and because the average Cdn. is fast asleep... he's almost there with his new bill C50 and his choke hold on dissidents... brave new worlder... indeed...

    and besides Harper.. what are all these noobs doing signing away Canada's sovereignty to this organization, ... democracy is dead and buried in the Rideau Canal in cement blocks

  17. Ann,
    Great blog. The only problem being that not enough people are reading it. This is the type of info that every voter needs to be acquainted with. Unfortunately, we Canadians are a docile bunch. The Harper Alliance and Reform bunch were very clever. The took a page from the George Bush playbook and appealed to the one issue voter. With slogans like "Tough on Crime" they were able to garnish support from traditional Progressive Conservatives with emotional issues like the Long Gun Registry, Tax Cuts, Tough on Crime, etc. Also like Bush, avoid the press and avoid accountability at all costs. Prorogue Parliament anyone.
    Now, Feb 26,2012 we have the "Robocall" scandal. The beat goes on.
    I don't know how much abuse and corruption the Canadian people are going to take. This crew of Neocon rednecks are destroying the country.

  18. Another area for research: the CPC is making a big show of cutting programs, but the other side of the budget coin is tax incentives, most of which go to the CPC's rich corporate buddies. Have they made any cuts to tax incentives??

    On immigration: I think that they are about to do an about-face and become pro-immigration. The spin-masters are already at work preparing us for this one. The welcome mat will soon be out, but for whites only.

  19. The welcoming committee will be there when Harper / China / Bloomberg meet in Vancouver to discuss the selling off of our country with the TPP. The TPP was a big secret until recently until 2 docs. were leaked.
    And you thought NAFTA was ba
    d! The "Stop the Trap" Petition deals with the freedom of information aspect of this dirty "deal" and has over 100 000 signatures and counting:
    p.s. armchair activism works. ♥

  20. Harpo has just taken back the Order O Canada from Conrad Black.Perhaps he could offer it to Neil Young , David Suzuki or a member of Greenpeace,